Welcome to the Mill

In 2011 our family changed course, uprooted from our settled careers and lives in Edmonton, and came to spend some time getting to know the other side of Canada.

We bought a historic property just far enough from Toronto to be really in the country, and are building on our dream of developing a space in time and place to bring together music and arts, healing and learning.


Central to this change is a big, shabby, queen of a grist mill… once the centre of pioneering spirit that opened our land.  We are slowly restoring the mill – we have already shored her up and capped her with the power to convert sunshine to energy.   After some time out to restore the beautiful old mill house, our thoughts are returning to designs for the mill.

For now, our careers sprawl across Eastern Ontario and back to Western Canada.  As the space in the mill opens up, we hope to draw more and more of that work into the mill, and make it hub of excitement and creativity.

Big Sky Alexander Studio in Edmonton remains a thriving and growing community of students.  We are working to bring more Alexander teachers under the Big Sky banner; for now, Candace is returning to Edmonton every couple of months for a week or so of intense teaching and fellowship with all the amazing people there. We are beginning to develop Alexander Technique information on this site as well, to reflect the growth and change of Candace as a teacher, and as an ongoing learner!

Our biggest news and excitement for the moment has to do with a significant break-through in actually charting the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique work, specifically in students who are struggling with Parkinson’s Disease. Candace has had an abstract titled “Long-Term Effectiveness of Alexander Technique (AT) in Managing Motor Symptoms of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (PD)” published as part of the 2013 World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal. She attended the Congress to present her abstract in the poster sessions. We will continue to update this site with a wealth of information and photos about this study.


…and keep checking the site regularly, for updates on our progression with Music and Alexander Technique at Piper Creek!