What is the Alexander Technique?

vitruvian-manStress is a trendy word. We use it to describe how we feel when we have a test coming up, or too much work, or emotional overload in our lives. We have become so used to operating with stress that we are often unaware of how much impact it has on not just our emotional state, but the very fibre of our beings.

The Alexander Technique is a way of removing excess stress from our lives. An Alexander lesson begins at a very primary level – by looking at the stresses and imbalances we place on our bodies in unthinking ways. As an Alexander Technique teacher gently leads a student to better balance and ease on a physical level, the impact is profound on not just body, but mind as well – what F.M. Alexander himself would have called the “psycho-physical whole”.

balance-lochlanThe Alexander Technique is a way of healing and bettering ourselves from the “outside in”. Applying these simple principles can radically reduce chronic pain, improve an existing talent (from golf to opera), or simply make it a little easier to put one foot in front of the other in our hectic world.

balanceBalance is an issue in all of our lives. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, which finds us sitting behind the wheel of a car, hunched in front of a computer game, or typing and “mousing” for hours on end, has lead to a “fast-forwarding” of the kind of destructive habits that F.M. Alexander was observing in people at the beginning of the last century.

balance-caelansupportSupport is not something we can do for ourselves – it is something we allow ourselves, from an outside source. Support from other people will always come and go in our lives, but support from our very connection to the earth is a gift that is always there. The goal of lessons at Big Sky Studio is to return to the simplicity and ease we once knew as children. The result of this kind of work is greater peace and happiness.

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