Who uses AT?

Reverend Mugo

Reverend Mugo has studied the Alexander Technique with Candace.

Balance is essential to all living creatures. When we are off balance, we suffer on a mental and physical level. As well as the obvious dangers of falling and sustaining injury that being chronically off-balance can bring, a lack of balance is one of the first indicators of the onset of dementia or Alzheimers Disease.

It is only logical to infer that by correcting our physical balance while we still can choose to do so, we are increasing our ability to stay fit mentally and physically as we age. For anyone interested in self-improvement the Alexander Technique is an obvious choice. Empowerment & hope are often the biggest lessons a student takes from the work.

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One thought on “Who uses AT?

  1. Mark Hambleton

    Good Day, l heard about Alexander Technique from my grandfather in the 60’s. He was a sprinter and encouraged me to learn. When he changed my running stride l got hurt bad playing football. So, glad l found you close to home, now l have to find out if this is covered by odsp or insurance. Thanks


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