Welcome to The Mill at Piper Creek

Located in Castleton, Northumberland County, Ontario

Maria Dunn: Storytelling through Song

Fri., Nov 2, 2018 7:30-9:30 pm
Castleton Town Hall (doors open at 6:30)

We’re delighted to have Maria Dunn back in Castleton as part of our “Yarns From the Mill” ongoing programming. Maria is celebrating her 25th year as a staunchly Canadian, Juno-nominated and multi-award-winning singer and songwriter. In a concert especially prepared for us, she will be not only performing a selection of her favourite songs, but walking us through the story of the song, and how she crafts music from local folklore or political issues. Seating is limited!! Hope to see you there!

How we got here

In 2011 our family changed course, uprooted from our settled careers and lives in Edmonton, and came to spend some time getting to know the other side of Canada.

We bought a historic property just far enough from Toronto to be really in the country, and are building on our dream of developing a space in time and place to bring together music and arts, healing and learning.

The Mill at Piper Creek

Central to this change is a big, shabby, queen of a grist mill… once the centre of pioneering spirit that opened our land. We are slowly restoring the mill – we have already shored her up and capped her with the power to convert sunshine to energy. After some time out to restore the beautiful old mill house, our thoughts are returning to designs for the mill.

For now, our careers sprawl across Eastern Ontario and back to Western Canada. As the space in the mill opens up, we hope to draw more and more of that work into the mill, and make it hub of excitement and creativity.

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