Arts and Heritage Centre


After an eager start on the Mill in 2011, which saw the derelict portion of the building removed, the foundations and joists restored, and solar installed the roof, there was a change in our access to the building that ground development to a halt for five frustrating years.  In November, 2016, we called a Town Meeting in Castleton to get feedback and to gauge local support and interest for continuing with development of the Mill.  Out of that meeting was born the Not-for-Profit Organization:          Piper Creek Mill Arts and Heritage Centre.  The new board is committed to the preservation and development of the Mill in order to provide a museum and arts space in an area which is lacking in venues for professional artists.  We love the building, we have struggled to save it, and we want to see it thrive and prosper.

We are excited about the future!  We look forward to working with architect Phillip Goldsmith in the upcoming years to restore and repurpose the building.  In the process we will bring jobs into the local community, beautify and increase land value in the village, and develop an opportunity and space for a wide array of professional artists from actors to sculptors, while making arts and culture accessible to local residents.

To help fund the restoration, we are launching a membership campaign and a series of fun-raising events and concerts.  Even in the fund-raising process, we intend to begin as we will continue, offering a wide variety of performances and activities sponsored by  iThe Mill At Piper Creek Arts and Heritage Centre.  Check out or “Events” page to find out more,  and subscribe to our mailing list at ‘Contact Us‘.   Thank you!

Board members of The Mill at Piper Creek. 

Ingrid Anderson, President

Samantha Cameron

Laura Berman

Steafan Hannigan

Ian Hartford, Treasurer

Cindy Matthews

Graham Norcutt

Deborah Smith

Artistic Director:  Candace Cox