Mummery and Mistletoe

Mummery & MistletoeMusic for Carolling!

Arranged and recorded as two discs, to provide background music or accompaniments to sing-along with at parties, school assemblies, or any festive gathering!

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50% of the proceeds for Mummery will go to the United Church of Canada’s Syrian Refugee Sponsorship, to a local sponsorship. Friends, family & neighbours are welcome to purchase CDs in person.

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Since the Middle Ages, people have gathered and sung songs of praise and joy as an act of celebration, particularly around the dark days of the winter solstice. Early Christians transformed the pagan solstice festival to one celebrating the birth of Christ, but the tradition of Christmas carols did not really take hold until St. Francis of Assisi began Nativity plays in Italy in the 13th century. Songs from these plays were developed and spread across Europe by travelling minstrels, and became wildly popular.

Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan movement stopped the public singing of carols, but the custom persisted in secret. Perhaps out of this need for secrecy the pagan custom of “mumming” was re-invented.

“Mummers” were typically a group of friends or family who disguised themselves in costumes and went from house to house during Epiphany (the 12 days after Christmas) performing small plays and singing songs in exchange for food and drink, and often as a prelude to rowdier festivities!

While “mummers” no longer roam from door to door, the songs of Christmas connect us to centuries of joy and celebration. From my early teens, I have been asked to accompany carols at this time of year. I hope this music, much of it steeped in the tradition of medieval times, will bring the joy of the season to your celebration, both as something to listen to and something to gather together for.

Merry Christmas,
Mitchell Cox